He Needs A Caretaker, So He’s Ready to Say, I DO

  • December 9, 2023 3:35 pm
He Needs A Caretaker, So He’s Ready to Say, I DO


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A Caretaker, a Nurse with a Purse, a Hospice Caretaker, these are the phrases being used around social media. Men are now ready to settle down with the woman, or with one of the numerous women they hurt. WHY because they need a caretaker.

Was the WIFE title so important that YOU decided to be his caretaker, or did you not know he was sick until after the I Do? If you were in your twenties, and he was a minimum of 10 years older than you, and you ended up being his caretaker, we want to read about it.

How did you handle being a man’s second, third, etc. choice ONLY because he needed a caretaker? Did you know he was sick and said, He’ll No? How did he handle the rejection? Perhaps he was bold enough to tell you he was sick and needed a woman to take care of him, and you accepted like a fool because like Betty Wright said, “Havin’ a piece of man is better than havin’ no man at all’ ‘? Betty was smoking some heavy shit, but we want to hear all about it.

Please be advised, this is not for the honest and in love, til’ death does us part marriages. I’m talking to the women (and men) who were sought out by a man, only to realize he just needed a caretaker. This also includes the cheaters who were in a relationship, but when their health declined they decided to (attempt) do right by their girlfriend or spouse because they needed that caretaker.


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