What is As the Web Turns

As the Web Turns is a public-driven content creation website available to anyone who has a story they’ve been dying to get off their chest, but with no one to talk to. Here at As the Web Turns, you can tell your story anonymously and receive feedback from other commenters and visitors.

You can air out all your dirty laundry (put your business in the street), and again, you can do all this anonymously.

You do not have to create an account or supply an email if you choose to create a post without an account.

Even if you create an account, you may choose any username, and your information will be kept private from viewers.  

Although some of the post’s topics will strike a chord with some, it’s still for entertainment purposes only.

This is a new site, so bear with me. Hopefully, the content will start coming in sooner than later and this is a website where you can come in and enjoy reading the posts as well as interact with other commenters by leaving your own comment.

ATWT is aware that numerous people have been through so much in life with multiple stories to share, and an account creation may be beneficial to you. With an account, others may contact you via private chatting, and that may come in handy if other content creators may wish to interview  you, and you may have others who share similar stories, reach out to you as well. Again all that is optional.

How it Works

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