Abortions! You’re Not Placing All the Blame on Us

  • December 3, 2023 5:44 pm
Abortions! You’re Not Placing All the Blame on Us


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It’s so easy to Blame Women for ALL abortions, but they ain’t ready for this conversation we’re about to have. If men could get pregnant, I wonder if abortion would still be legal. I wonder how convenient abortions would be for men, you know, to get a free abortion while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced. I want to know how many abortions were actually males wanting abortions. Let’s find out. 

Before we start, I encourage all who decide to tell their story to remain anonymous. Please don’t name names, unless it made the news, and you can provide a link if you choose to do so outside of anonymity. However, WE would love to know your race and the race of the perpetrator.

Ladies, please tell your story of how you didn’t want the abortion but HE made you feel you had no other choice. 

  • If you were threatened for refusing to have an abortion.
  • If you were Beaten into having an abortion or a miscarriage from the Beating.
  • If your pregnant Daughter, Sister, Mother, etc. was murdered by the hands of the unborn child’s father for refusing to have an abortion or he just murdered her and his unborn child for other reasons.
  • If he got you pregnant to keep you from going off to college or the Military, or he just felt getting you pregnant would keep you from advancing your life.
  • If you are married and you were still forced to have an abortion.
  • If you were pregnant by a prominent male and he “encouraged” you to have an abortion. 
  • If you used a condom but didn’t know he removed the condom, you had an abortion.
  • If he talked you into NOT having an abortion then he ghosted you (disappeared). 
  • If you come from a PRO-LIFE Anti-abortion family, but they made you have an abortion.

There are so many stories to tell. Tell them all!

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